Privacy Policy

Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com is dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. The policy explains and illustrates how the info you provide us when subscribing to the mailing list and using the site is protected and safeguarded by us.

You grant Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com permission to use your personal information by using the website and subscribing to the newsletter. The information you provide enhances and customizes your visit to the site.

Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com does not store any personally identifiable information on its servers; instead, we use ACMA-compliant third parties to manage all data stored on our behalf. As a result, Google, the company in charge of archiving and preserving your information, doesn't own servers used by the company for data storage.

The Data Collected

Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com can glean the following information from your visit to the site and subscription to our newsletter:

  • When you sign up for the newsletter, you give us your email address and other personal information. Note that this information is freely available so that you can make the best of the website's features.
  • Information gleaned from customer surveys and contests, such as those conducted via email. As a reference for future issues that may arise and for the development of relevant guides, correspondence, and studies.
  • Including but not limited to your location, traffic information, and other relevant information relating to the user's interaction with a website.
  • We do not directly use technical information such as an IP address, but rather Google Analytics does.
  • Your preferences for receiving promotional materials from our third-party partners and us are based on Marketing and Communication data.

Data Protection In General

Due to its physical IT staff and ACMA-compliant storage facilities, Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com has put in place the necessary technical, digital, and infrastructural security precautions to prevent your information from being lost misused, or damaged.

Non-disclosure Agreement On Protection And Storage Of Personal Information

With your permission and under the following exceptions, Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com does not share your personal information with any third parties.

  • Under strict confidentiality agreements, this information is given only to reputable third parties. Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com cannot share your personal information with these companies. E-mail delivery systems are one such example of a company of this type, only in the event of a court order and in legal actions.
  • We may use the data gathered in targeted advertising Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com to customize the campaigns. To be included, the advertising company will presume that you satisfy the criteria and have given your permission to use the website.

Access To Personal Data And User Rights

Personal Information In Newsletters

For the time being, we only have access to email addresses through Aweber. Additionally, the IP address is saved solely to locate a computer. All subscribers can unsubscribe at any time and permanently remove themselves from the database. Please visit their website to learn more about Aweber's privacy policies.

By signing up for our newsletter, you agree to receive daily updates and marketing materials from us. This is the only intention for which your personal data is collected and used. You can unsubscribe from the newsletters by tapping the unsubscribe button at the end of every email you receive.

If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter, simply email us at unsubscribe@nodepositbonuscasinoau.com with this caption, "Please unsubscribe me from the newsletter." Your request will be resolved within 30 days, but please be patient during this time.

In the event of a merger or acquisition, Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com customers' personal information will be shared. However, we will notify all our users if there are any modifications to the privacy statement.

A secure Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com server in Australia stores your IP address, browser details, the visited web pages, and time of access. Your e-mail and other information obtained through a newsletter subscription are stored by Aweber in the United States. Aweber is a proud member of the ACMA. They have access to all of the information gathered via email.

As a Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com member, you have the following rights:

  • Confirm that your personal information is being used per this policy.
  • A copy of the information we have about you.
  • Assistance in learning about the data that pertains to you and your account, as well as how and where you can exercise any of your legal rights and how and where we obtained your data.

Your personal data can be corrected, deleted, or excluded at any time by submitting a request. We reserve the right to take up to 30 days before you can receive a response from us.

Conflict Resolution

Complaints about our use of your personal data can be filed with the local supervisory authority. However, we encourage you to contact us directly to resolve any issues you may have, but you also have the option of contacting a supervisory authority.

Third-Party Access To Personal Information

For this reason, we only work with third-party service providers with a proven track record of protecting your personal information. We take your privacy very seriously.

No personal information is ever shared, traded, disclosed, or transferred by the site. Our terms and conditions, cookie policy, and document are the only exceptions to this rule. We must work with third-party providers for promotional services, email marketing, and analytics because of the nature of the e-commerce sector.

  • It is the policy of Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com to share information about the site's use with third parties, including traffic and sales data, without disclosing your identity.
  • We may give your personal information to affiliates or partner entities for lawful purposes. Newsletters that subscribers have signed up for to receive bonuses and marketing materials are examples of this.
  • We may transfer personal and non-personal data to any third parties in the event of a merger or sale of the site. In the event of a privacy policy change, the site assumes the responsibility to notify its users.
  • We cannot guarantee that third parties will not misuse your information because we have no control over them.


When a website requests permission to store a small piece of data on your hard drive, it is known as a "cookie." The cookies collect data to analyze traffic or track when you visited a web page as soon as you agree to its placement on your hard drive. It aims to collect and remember information about your habits and preferences to personalize the experience for you.

Logging, authentication, and tracking cookies are all employed by Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com. Traffic log cookies are used to determine which pages are most popular so that we can better tailor our website to your preferences.

The casino uses authentication cookies to determine whether a user is currently logged in and with which account. This is essential in streamlining the sign-in process and assessing when sensitive information can be accessed.

We use tracking cookies, or third-party tracking cookies are used to gather additional information about the user from other third-party sources. Please remember that you have complete control over whether or not this site sets cookies on your computer by clearing your browser's cookies or changing your browser's privacy settings.

There is no set time limit for how long a cookie will remain on your computer. Cookies related to site development and tools, such as those listed above, are used to improve customers' experience on the website. Please note that no information is stored by 3rd parties who are ACMA compliant and adhere to all legal requirements at Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com.

Protection Of Children From Underage Gambling

With the safety of your children in mind, Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com has designed its product for you. No free games are available on the website per the strict ACMA regulations on bonus display, casino reviews, and no free games. Keeping this in mind, please remember that the site has taken the following steps to ensure your children's safety:

  • We do not intend for any of the information, products, or services on Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com to be accessed by anyone under the legal gambling age of 18 in Australia.
  • Underage children's data is not intentionally collected on this site; if it is, we will immediately revoke all access to that data.
  • Children under the legal gambling age are not responsible for their actions based on the promotional material, content, and applications found on the site.
  • The site does not accept liability for children who use the app with information nearly identical to that on the website.

Updates To The Policy On Data Privacy

Nodepositbonuscasinoau.com will notify and inform all users of any changes to the privacy policy by posting a prominent notice on the site.

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